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What to Knit: Liberated Refugees

The Liberated Refugees

Why Colors and Styles Matter:

After years of being forbidden to express themselves, North Korean refugees of all ages rejoice in unique, cheery garments. While they do not flaunt their status as escapees of a brutal dictatorship, these refugees are now free to speak, have their pictures taken, and take pride in their warm, donated knits.

Refugees who make it out of North Korea and China have endured immense hardship to be emancipated. Some have been born and raised in gulags (Soviet-style forced-labor camps) because of North Korea’s three-generation rule: if the government deems you a threat, three generations of your family are sent to the camps. Survival rates are extremely low; those who do not starve are beaten to death for such offenses as having a kernel of corn in their pockets. Refugees who have freed themselves can celebrate their identities by choosing colors and styles that reflect their tastes.

What Colors and Styles to Use:

In the interest of nourishing refugees’ newfound sense of personhood in humane society, ARC is pleased to send emotionally uplifting colors and styles of knitted goods in all sizes (from newborn to adult). Let’s welcome our freed brothers and sisters to a world of art, individuality, and beauty with creative knits!

  • Hats: Beanies, berets, and caps are all great. Pompoms, tassels, earflaps, stripes, polka-dots, cables, buttons and crocheted flowers make them fun projects to create and charming hats to wear.
  • Scarves: All kinds of ribbing, cables, and colors are acceptable. If you like, add tassels to the ends for some extra pizzaz!
  • Gloves & Mittens: Like scarves, all styles and colors are embraced and appreciated.
  • Sweaters, socks, and other garments: Sweaters are great for layering; thin or thickly knitted sweaters are very much appreciated. Socks with longer cuffs are preferred. Headbands, hooded jackets, and leg-warmers also qualify. Please email us with questions.

Check out our gallery, get links to helpful knit and crochet tutorials in FAQ, or learn to make your own knitting needles at a meeting!

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