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What to Knit: Animals

Cats and dogs awaiting adoption have a lot of time on their paws. Those who have been severely abused and neglected must undergo treatment and rigorous psychological testing before they are eligible for adoption. We know animals are intelligent, sensitive beings with memories. ARC strives to bring relief to animal victims of violence by making their lives in shelters as comfortable and stimulating as possible. ARC hopes to welcome them back into healthy, loving, with the help of knitted items to reassure animals of their well-being.



Why Materials Matter:

Animals need fresh, hygienic bedding and toys. These items need to be washed frequently to prevent disease and keep conditions sanitary.

What Materials to Use:

Acrylic is best, for items you don’t intend to felt. Blankets and toys for cats knitted from acrylic yarns are easy to wash and dry fast; they are ideal because they won’t shrink, felt, or become misshapen during the washing process. Unfortunately, knitted blankets would be too delicate for most dogs, but we haven’t forgotten our canine buddies: larger felted beds work well for this purpose. The tougher and thicker the felting, the better. We recommend 100% wool for felted beds and toys, as wool is the best material for felting. Most need blankets no larger than the size of a hand-towel  (24×18″); others will be better off with a blanket the size of an extra-large pillowcase (48-36″).


Bedding: Blankets and felted beds are great, especially with “sides,” which create a feeling of safety for many cats.

Toys: Knitted/crocheted plain or felted mice, and fuzzy balls (suggestion: eyelash yarn) are very much appreciated.

Please note: Bells and tassels are accepted on toys. Avoid using beads, buttons, sequins, or other small decorative bits, as they are a choking hazard. We do not use catnip as it promotes aggression in some cats. When in doubt, feel free to ask; we are happy to hear from you!