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Information about refugees, domestic violence, abuse, incarceration, and rehabilitation helps us think about and understand complex issues associated with our involvement as crafters. What are the social conditions that form circumstances of political oppression? How has the history of gender relations enabled domestic abuse in border areas to become deviant, yet a norm? What economic arrangements have facilitated the exploitation of refugees, and does culture play a role? Learning this helps us know whether the color of a hat is meaningful, why sending small sweaters fits most adult refugees, and how different people interpret what is valuable.

ARC recommends research from an array of credible sources. The data here is a bibliography of excellent works by sociologists, historians, economists, and political scientists, among others. ARC welcomes your critiques on all articles, to more openly and collaboratively seek explanations for the circumstances in which recipients of our knits are situated. What is your interpretation, and is successful resolution possible? Many lives are at stake.

These are some of the works currently informing our campaigns.

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North Korean refugees

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