Fun Raise

Fun Ways To Fundraise!

The question that haunts every potential philanthropist is: can I afford this? ARC invites you to take the lead and have a great time while also raising funds to support refugee emancipation and animal recovery. Check out the options below, and encourage everyone you know to participate. Reach out to your schools, churches, friends, and co-workers. You can:

  • Throw a 50:50 Raffle: Sell raffle tickets among friends, co-workers, or family. The prize – half of the money raised – goes to the winner (jackpot!). The other half is sent to ARC as a tax-deductible donation. You can be sure ticket-holders will be excited and curious about the current total, and know that you have benefitted refugees and animals.
  • Create a Charity Cookbook: Gather recipes from your community and create a cookbook. It needn’t be fancy; a stapled booklet of delicious ideas will do. Have contributors help you distribute the books to raise funds, and ask local bookstores to sell a few at their counters.
  • Arrange a Dog Party: Invite dogs and their owners to a special fundraising party featuring various doggie treats, toys, and games. Have refreshments and snacks for humans, and charge a fee for party admission (this is the fundraising part). Remind your guests that donations will be given to dogs who have experienced trauma and are waiting for a home. Call it the ARC Arf Gala!
  • Have a Lollipop Fundraiser: Buy small candy lollipops in bulk, tie a small colorful ribbon around the stems, and sell them to raise money for ARC. Or, set up a table with a styrofoam box, paint or marker the lollipop stems different colors, and show them with their sticks hidden in the styrofoam. Charge enough for lollies to raise funds, but if someone gets the “lucky lollipop” color, she or he can keep it for free!