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February 7, 2013, Voice of America (VOA): 


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출발! 워싱턴현장] 탈북자들을위한뜨개질봉사

07.02.2013 02:53

관심과 존중, 연민이라는 뜻의 민간 단체 ARC는 아주 특별한 방법으로 탈북자들을 돕고 있습니다. 바로 뜨개질을 통한 봉사인데요, 자원봉사자들이 손수 짠 장갑과 모자, 목도리, 담요 등을 중국내 탈북자 보호소로 전달해 이 추운 겨울을 따뜻하게 보낼 수 있도록 돕고 있습니다. 털실만큼이나 포근하고 따뜻한 사랑이 넘쳤던 ARC의 뜨개질 모임현장을 만나봅니다.


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Embarking on service through the knitting scene: in Washington for North Korean defectors

ARC means awareness respect compassion, and is a private organization helping North Korean defectors in a very special way, providing a service through volunteer knitting. This [photo] is the table showing where gloves, hats, scarves, and blankets that have been knitted by volunteers for North Korean defectors who live in shelters in China. As volunteers expressed, this cold winter you too, can send warm things and help them. There was more than enough wool warm and love at the ARC knitting meeting.