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Our Objective:

At ARC, we view fiber in two ways:

(1) literally, as material that can be used to keep beings warm and alive, and

(2) symbolically, as it represents the common thread of humanity.

We recognize the value of dignity in identity, and work to help secure a better quality of life for people and animals. We encourage refugees as they empower and liberate themselves in sub-zero temperatures by sending new, hand-knitted items. Warm items insulate and preserve body heat, increasing the likelihood of survival for refugees. Abused animals feel safer and calmer when they can nestle in snug knits. The difference a warm hat or cozy bed can make is the difference we strive to make – one stitch at a time.

Knitted projects are continuously accumulated until a sufficient quantity can be sent. Shipments can be irregular, since ARC depends on the efforts of volunteers and the knitting community. ARC accepts knitted items throughout the year, chiefly in preparation for winter months. However, open, lightweight knits and crocheted items for summer are accepted and appreciated.

Financial donations are used to fund materials and shipping costs. All knitted/crocheted donations go to the appropriate charity, unless preference is specified by the sender. Please see FAQ for more details on sending knitted items or funds.

With your support and determination we can keep a worried head warm, and help a furry friend embrace tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to read about the purpose of ARC.