Whether you’ve ever lost someone who’s alive or passed away, grieving is hard. It’s like it’s not real if they don’t know about it. It’s like it’s not worthwhile if they don’t find it interesting. It’s like it’s not beautiful if they don’t think so, too.

I’m not talking about codependence, I’m talking about true love. Hold your hand and dignify you in your most powerless moments love. Walk you back to bed when you’re unsteady love. Forget about your goals – maybe even your morals – because someone needs you right now love.

Some of us were blessed with incredible relationships with indescribable, unique people who can never be replaced. And yes, we are grateful to have known them. But grieving is hard.

So, the next time someone cuts you off in traffic, or looks disheveled in a supermarket, or spills something on you, ask your mind: is it possible that this person is dealing with hard things that i know nothing about? Maybe I should let it go; maybe they’ve lost, and could use some patience. Imagine. And when it’s your turn, we will notice and be gentle with you, too.



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