Dear friends,
Today, the San Fransisco Gate reported on “Letter to San Jose mosque threatens genocide: ‘pack your bags‘” (Veklerov 2016). With hate mail being sent to our neighbors and fellow Americans, ARC is starting a new campaign! We are sending love letters, to combat the hate letters.
So grab a piece of paper, and write down a reason you are glad that they are present. This lets our friends at the Evergreen Mosque know that we continue to welcome and stand with them (scroll down to see an example). The address is:
Evergreen Islamic Center
2486 Ruby Avenue
San Jose, CA 95148
Share a photo of your letter with us (knitforarc@gmail.com), and ARC will send you a free ball of yarn and knitting needles – our gift to you, for the gift of your friendship.
With Awareness, Respect, and Compassion, we celebrate all faiths. We remind our friends that we will not let them be attacked. And we act with integrity more than ever this holiday season. 
Best wishes,
Jee Jee and the ARC Team
Veklerov, Kimberly. 2016. “Letter to San Jose mosque: ‘pack your bags’.” San Fransisco Gate, November 16. Retrieved November 16, 2016 (http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Letter-to-San-Jose-mosque-threatens-genocide-10636745.php).


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