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On Sparing Change

We hear it often as we bustle to and fro on city sidewalks: “Can you spare some change?” And none of us is a stranger to the humbling experience of asking someone you do not know for help. Who has not had a flat tire, needed directions, or to know the time? Who has never been in a bind?

The ARC donation option through Paypal offers a blank space where generous people from around the world have offered as much as $500.00 at one time, and as much as $.01. I am fond of the penny donations; they are symbolic of the power of one. In any case, your efforts to encourage others to survive through donations made to ARC are always meaningful, appreciated, and worthwhile. A few quarters buys a small meal for a family seeking refuge, soap, clean water. A few dollars buys a bus ticket, a little medicine, a phone card to find a missing relative.

So whether your activism comes in the form of sparing change, writing to the Chinese consulate, or designing your own sweaters for refugees, you can help in big ways by making little changes to your day. Thank you for all that you do!




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