Spare Squares! Quilt Project: Part II

With the metaphor of life = people = knitting still wafting through the kitchens of our minds, I’m excited to introduce a major campaign we’re embarking on, starting…now! The idea goes something like this: If each of us were a knitted square, and we all held hands, we could protect those exposed to threatening elements.

Let’s face it. It is not mental, emotional, or physical abuse per se that destroys people and animals. It is the resultant hopelessness and internalized destruction that devastate them. These break down the spirit. This project is a response to the fear and loneliness experienced by those in shelters on the underground railroad. There is a reason a comforter is called a comforter.

Our teamwork on Spare Squares! will ultimately reflect the quilts themselves: multiple variations, all of us beautiful, holding strongly.

Add your square(s) to a special quilt.

In preparation for autumn and winter, ARC’s Spare Squares! Quilt Project continues year-round. We are co-creating warm blankets for human rights refugees escaping torture and starvation in North Korea. Combined, our small efforts can have a great impact!

A Shared Goal: 180 squares to piece together 5 unique, colorful, cozy quilts.

A Simple Plan:

  • Knit or crochet a 10″ x 10″ square
  • Acrylic or pre-shrunk squares only
  • Any pattern and color are okay

Each quilt uses 36 squares (per blanket) so dig into your stashes, experiment with patterns, combine fibers, and have fun! Send in your square(s) or bring them to any ARC meeting. We’ll post photos as the blankets come together, and you’ll be credited for your contribution in our newsletter. We hope you’ll be part of our team!


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